Wall Plastering Machine

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Automatic wall plastering machine/rendering machine is a kind of equipment used for plastering and batching the wall surface of building interior.

1)Automatic wall plastering machine can be used in the thickness of the plaster

between 3cm to 5cm.

2)Simple structure and easy operate

3)Less maintenance and spare parts

4)ISO 9001,CE standard


FOB Price: US $1000-20000/Set

Min.Order Quantity: 1Set

Supply Ability: 100 Set per Month

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Automatic Wall Plastering Machine/Rendering Machine

Introduction :

Automatic wall plastering machine/rendering machine is a kind of equipment used for plastering and batching the wall surface of building interior.it is mainly used in the construction ,plastering for indoor wall of residential building,office building, ground hardening etc. .The automatic wall plastering machine can be used in the thickness of the plaster between 3cm to 5cm.
Mainly Applicable wall: concrete wall, brick wall, cavity wall, light brick wall, baking-free brick wall, etc. Applicable concrete material:stone powder, cement powder, Foamed cement mortar, premixed dry mortar, gypsum, etc.

 Automatic Plastering Machine Usage

Product Features:
1.Easily plaster the top of the wall, it is good for plaster up and down of the window. If lack of mortar in the first plaster, Easily repair mortar.Because the machine can intermittently add mortar when it is working, it can reduce the waste of mortar.
2.The wall plastered by the machine is very smooth.
3.The machine can be quickly fixed.
4.Special design. Width of the wiping plate is 80cm same as the common door , only 3cm width than the machine, can freely move in and out of the house. Easily plaster the external corner and internal corner.
5.There are two vibrating motors behind of the wiping plate, so grasping of the mortar on the wall is very good, and there is no hollow.
6.There are universal wheel seal at the bottom of the machine, move easily.
7.It completely design according to the human engineering.

 Technical Parameters of Wall Plastering Machine /Rendering Machine:

Model LH-01 LH-02 LH-03
Plastering Speed 500sqm/8H 500sqm/8H 500sqm/8H
Size 1300*650*500mm 1150*850*520mm 720*830*680mm
Plastering Height 5m 4m 3.5m
Voltage 220v 220v 220v
Power 2.2kw 2.2kw 2.2kw
Plastering thickness 2-30mm 2-30mm 2-30mm
Weight of the host 196KG 188KG 140KG
Work efficiency 500sqm/8h 500sqm/8h 500sqm/8h
other machine with the plastering width ranging from0.6-1.5m can be customized at your request

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