Valve Packing Machine

  • New Design Impeller Powder Filling Machine

    New Design Impeller Powder Filling Machine

    New Model Impeller packing machine adopts horizontal or vertical impeller feeding control structure, gross weight intelligent weighing mode, high-precision weighing sensor and secondary feeding accuracy control to ensure weighing speed and weighing accuracy.

  • Automatic Valve Packing Machine

    Automatic Valve Packing Machine

    Valve mouth packing machine is a high degree of automation, the computer intelligent automatic recognition, the operation is simple, just workers sidekicks can complete packaging production process, save manpower (3-4), reduce labor intensity, greatly reduce the production cost, improve production efficiency.

  • Pneumatic Packing Machine

    Pneumatic Packing Machine

    The pneumatic packing machine is suitable for packing powder or fine particles (≤ 7mm) with good fluidity, which is powered by compressed air. Compressed air through the atomizer (air cushion) to make the materials in the closed container fluidized state, so as to achieve the role of conveying materials.