Tile Adhesive Manufacturing Plant

Short Description:

Tile adhesive manufacturing plant is widely used in produce  ceramic tile adhesive ,filler,heat preservation multiplexed system use adhesive mortar etc.

There are simple type ,semi-auto and full-auto type tile adhesive manufacturing plant .Our team could design the plant according to your workshop size and investment .

Capacity :5Ton -100T/H

Floor area:40-500m2

Worker required:3-5person


FOB Price:USD 10000-1000000/SET

Min.Order Quantity: 1SET

Delivery time :30-60DAYS

Supply Ability: 100 SET per Month

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 Simple Type 5TH tile adhesive manufacturing plant

 5T/H Simple Type tile adhesive manufacturing plant

 Semi-auto 10TH tile adhesive manufacturing plant

10T/H Semi-auto tile adhesive manufacturing plant

 25th full-auto Tile adhesive  manufacturing plant

25th full-auto tile adhesive manufacturing plant

Widely used:

Tile adhesive manufacturing plant is used to produce ceramic tile adhesive ,filler,heat preservation multiplexed system use adhesive mortar, masonry mortar ,wall and floor tile adhesive mortar, internal and external thermal insulation mortar, anchorage mortar, Water-proof mortar ,anti-corrosion mortar, self-leveling mortar, wear resistance mortar etc.


We have many kinds types of tile adhesive manufacturing plant ,there are small and large tile adhesive mixer machine: 5t, 10t, 15t, 50t ,60t,80tand 100t etc.Most of users will choose medium type tile adhesive mortar plant: 10t, 20t, 30t, 40t, 50t and 60t .The investment is between USD10000-USD1000000 according to the raw material kinds and site situation .

Technical Parameters of tile adhesive manufacturing plant  :

Mode Capacity Area Height Note
Simple 1-15t/h 40m2 5-10m Manual batching and Packing
Basic 5-15t/h 40-60m2 6-10m Manual batching,automatic packing
Semi-automatic Serial 5-15t/h 40-80m2 8-12m Automatic batching of coarse material,manual batching of additive,automatic packing
Semi-automatic Tower 5-50t/h  40-100m2 10-25m Automatic batching of coarse material ,manual batching of additive,automatic packing
Fully Automatic Serial  5-100t/h 60-500m2 10-25m Automatic batching of all raw material and packing

The investment for different types of tile adhesive manufacturing plant  :

Simple type with manual batching and packing ,the invest is lower ;

Semi-auto type with Automatic batching of coarse material,manual batching of additive, automatic packing,the cost is mid invest;

Full-auto type with Automatic batching of raw material and packing,the invest is higher .

So kindly chose best model of tile adhesive mortar plant according to your budget and factory size .                                                        


Main configuration for tile adhesive manufacturing plant :

                              Sand Drying Plant

1. Using alloy steel plate, wear 3-4 times than ordinary steel plate.
2. Reducing occupation by 50% compare with single cylinder dryer.
3. Final output moisture is ensured to be 0.5-1% or less.
4. Used for river sand ,sea sand etc. ,containing water more .

Three Shaft WZ Mixer

1. High mixing homogeneity at 99.9%

2. High efficiency at 90~120 seconds per batch

3. No dead corner for mixing. No residual for discharging

4. Durable lifetime and stable performance.


Packing System

1. Computerized metering device, weighing accuracy achieve 99.9%.

2. Flexible packing form, adopt with valve mouth packing machine,open mouth packing machine, jumbo bag packing machine,suitable for packing both powder material and granular materials≤5mm.

Bucket elevator

1.Bucket elevator is one of the most widely used vertical conveying equipment.
2.It's suitable for powder and granular material (such as limestone, cement clinker, plaster power, coal) vertical transport.
3. There is TD belt type, TH chain Type, NE plate chain type, we could chose best model for you according to lifting material and density, height.

Bucket elevator
Control cabinet system

Control System

1. A trouble warning technology patent is applied to this system.

2. Remote monitoring, cloud data collection and diagnosis, intelligent fault diagnosis.

3.There are touch screen type and button type .

Guarantee for tile adhesive manufacturing plant :

Our company ‘s plant uses medium high-grade configuration, first class design and best install service ,operation equipment lifetime is not less than 10 years, other equipment lifetime is about 15-20 years.So pls don’t hesitate to contact us for more details, our team will give u our best attention asap.

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