TD Belt Bucket Elevator

Short Description:

TD Belt bucket elevator use belt conveying ,suitable for vertical transmission of powder with ρ<1.5t/m3 ,like powder, granular and bulk materials and widely used in the dry mix mortar plant and other project .It can lift the products below 60°C with the max height of 40m.
Lifting capacity :5.4-140m3/h
Widely usage ,stable performance with longer lifetime .
Lower cost and fit for lifting lower distance

FOB Price: US $2000-60000/Set
Min.Order Quantity: 1Set
Supply Ability: 1000 Set per Month

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Belt Bucket Elevator

200 Thousand capacity machanisal sand full-auto dry mortar mixing plant

TD250x18meter belt bucket elevator is used in the full-auto ready mix plaster mortar plant for lifting gypsum ,cement .

TD Type bucket elevator

TD250x7meter belt bucket elevator is used in the semi-auto wall putty mixing mortar plant for lifting raw material sand ,cement .

Introduction :

Belt bucket elevator is suitable for vertical transmission of powder with ρ<1.5t/m3 , granular and small block and less abrasive bulk materials, which has a small requirement for the type of materials, characteristics and block degrees, it can raise powder, granular and bulk materials, and abrasive materials such as grain, coal, cement, crushed ore, etc. It can lift the products below 60°C with the max height of 40m. But if use the heat-resistant rubber belt ,the temperature could not beyond 200°C.

 Working Principle:

Belt bucket elevator is composed of machine head, main frame,Maintenance cylinder,Ventilators, dustpan, dustpan belt and machine base.

The materials are fed into the machine from the bottom and discharged from the top.
1. Firstly, the materials are evenly fed into the dustpan on the machine base; 
2. Secondly, the materials are elevated into the machine head;
3. Thirdly, the raw materials are dumped into the targeted machine.

Widely usage :

1)Metallic and Non-Metallic ores like Bauxite. Coal. Rock products. Sand. Gravel, Powder with ρ<1.5t/m3 ,like Cement. Gypsum. Limestone.

2).Food powder like Sugar. Flour. Coffee, Salt, Grain

3).Chemical Processing products like Fertilizers. Phosphates Agricultural Lime. Soda Ash.

4).Pulp and Paper products like,Wood Chips.


1).Bucket elevator has less requirement on materials, features and the bulk. It can lift, the powder, granular and bulk materials.

2).The max lifting capacity is 4,600m3/h.

3).Bucket elevator adopts inflow feeding, gravity induced discharge, and use large capacity hopper.

4).The traction parts adopt wear-resistant chains and steel wire belt to extend the service life of the traction parts.

5).Bucket elevator runs smoothly, generally the lifting height is 40m or even higher.

Technical Parameter:


Then How to chose the best model:

1.The height of bucket elevator or the height from inlet to outlet.

2.Whats the material to be conveyed and the material feature?

3.How many capacity does the bucket elevator lift ?

4.Other special requirement.

Notes:The parameter above is just for reference .For chose best models ,pls don’t hesitate to contact us .


 Bucket Elevator Drawing

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