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This machine is mainly used for automatic filling of valve bags. Because of its stable performance, few accessories, simple maintenance, low cost, economy and durability, it is widely used by construction manufacturer . It is an high updated product of side suction and impeller packaging machine.

(Spare parts quantities are 1 / 3 of side suction type or impeller type).

The Spiral Valve Filling Machine is used for filling for powder material usually .

Performance features:

 1. The traditional impeller ash conveying is changed into the spiral auger to extrude and discharge ash, which makes the ash flow smoothly and is more conducive to environmental protection;

 2. Less wearing parts, no pneumatic device, greatly reducing equipment investment and maintenance costs;

 3. It adopts the mechanical and electrical comprehensive scale designed by the specialty, which can measure accurately and completely meet the requirements of the national standard; (it can also be equipped with the microcomputer controlled measuring scale) .

 4. High degree of automation, mechanical and electrical integration, filling, metering, bag dropping and other actions are automatically and continuously completed.

 5. The optimized design of the whole machine has the advantages of simple structure, tight sealing, convenient maintenance, no blocking, jamming and leakage;


 The machine is highly automatic and easy to operate. It can complete the packaging production process (without manual secondary sealing), save manpower (2-3), reduce labor intensity of workers, greatly reduce production costs and improve production efficiency. All production technical indexes of the machine have reached the national standard. It is widely used in the automatic filling of dry powder mortar and various powder materials.

Technical Parameter:

NO Item Unit Technical Parameter
1 Model QHB50-ISingle mouth QHB50-II Double mouth QHB50-IIIThree mouth QHB50-IIIIFour Mouth
2 Discharge mouth PC     1 2 3 4
3 Capacity T/H 10-15 20-30 30-45 40-60
4 Power KW 4 4X2 4X3 4X4
5 Weighting Scope KG 20-50 20-50 20-50 20-50
6 Precision KG +-0.2 +-0.2 +-0.2 +-0.2
7 Bag weight pass rate   95%
8 Machine Weight KG 400 650 1080 1360

Two spout   valve packer

Two spout valve mouth packer

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