Ribbon Mixer Machine

Short Description:

LHY horizontal ribbon mixer is widely used in chemical, pharmaceuticals, food, and construction line. It can be used to mix powder with powder, powder with liquid, and powder with granule.
Under the driven of motor, the double ribbon agitator mix the material quickly. This ribbon mixer is characterized by high mixing effect, large productivity, and a very low failure rate. Since it is a batch type mixer, customer should choose the model according to the output per batch.

Technical parameter:
Batch working volume: 0.1-20cbm
Mixing time: 15-60mins
power: 3kw-160kw Material: 316L, 304, mild steel


FOB Price: US $1000-50000/Set

Min.Order Quantity: 1 Set

Supply Ability:1000 Set per Month

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LHY Ribbon Mixer Machine

 3m3 ribbon blender

 3M3 Ribbon mixer machine

Working Principles:

Horizontal ribbon mixer machine is high efficiency, fast mixing material characteristics. Inside and outside ribbon is driven by the mixing shaft, mix the material in the big scope,Ribbon make the material move in the opposite direction . So that the material cycle flow in the horizontal and vertical direction .Due to the above agitation, the material is homogeneously mixed in a short time.

Our company’s horizontal ribbon mixer is with its stirring in two forms, stirring form depends on the production process or the outlet form.The discharge port is located in the middle of the cylinder,the inner ribbon push the material on both sides of the cylinder, and the outer ribbon is pushed material along the cylinder wall toward the center of the cylinder; the discharge port is set on the side of the cylinder, the inner ribbon push the material away from the discharge side.

Widely Usage :

Horizontal ribbon mixing machine is used for solid-solid (powder and powder) mixed.
Solid-liquid (powder and liquid) mixing and drying operations, can also be used for the reaction set Prepared.Horizontal ribbon mixing machine is also widely used in various industries powder and particles and other materials mixed combined, chemical, cosmetics, fine chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, metallurgy, mining, building materials,Ceramics, refractories, dry powder mortar, food, feed, paint, dyes and other powder, solid with liquid, solid and pulp material mixing equipment, can be continuous operation , the material operation compared with the other mixer machine ,it is much high precision, mixing speed fast, no separation and other special point.

 Simple Dry Powder Ribbon Mixer Plant

Ribbon Mixer Machine used in the dry mortar powder production .

 SS Ribbon mixer powder machine

SS ribbon mixer machine used in powder mixing

Property Characteristic:

1.The material in the two-layer spiral belt driven with a unique effect, sports flat Stable, noise at the end, long life and other advantages;

2.The mixing speed is fast : the general powder material mixing time is about 10 minutes ,Generally not more than 30 minutes.

3. Low energy consumption: It is the general mixer’s 1/2 – 3/5.

4. Can be sealed operation, reliable rotation, easy maintenance.

5.The device can be set spray device, the cylinder made of jacket form.

Technical Parameters:


Drawing :LHY

Quality Guarantee : 

Our mixer machine could use 5-7 years unless the easier wear parts .So pls don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any requirement .Then we will suggest you with the best model of mixer machine according to the usage.


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