Ready Mix Plaster Plant

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Ready mix plaster plant is very popular with dry mortar plant investor because it is much green environmental protection without radioactivity,economic benefits and wider applications.Raw material kinds:Sand ,Gypsum Powder ,Additive material.

Type:Simple type ,semi-auto type and full-auto type ready mix plaster plant .

Capacity :30000T-300000T/YEAR

Floor area:40-500m2

Worker required:3-5person


FOB Price:USD 10000-1000000/SET

Min.Order Quantity: 1SET

Delivery time :30-60DAYS

Supply Ability: 100 SET per Month

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 Ready Mix Plaster Plant

Widely used:

Ready mix plaster plant is used to produce the high quality and environmental plaster gypsum and self-leveling gypsum . The plaster gypsum is the basic leveling material for building walls .The self-leveling gypsum is used to the ground leveling .The raw material of ready mix plaster plant is made up of high-quality water-washed sand, gypsum powder and a variety of additives.The plaster mortar is easy to scrape and coat, and can replace the sand cement mortar.


We have different capacity of ready mix plaster mortar ,there are small and large capacity: 5t, 10t, 15t, 50t ,60t,80t and 100t etc. Most of users will choose medium type tile adhesive mortar plant: 10t, 20t, 30t, 40t, 50t and 60t .The investment is between USD10000-USD1000000 according to the raw material kinds and site situation .

(1)  Annual capacity 50000 tons

   Capacity  50KT each year ready mix plaster   plant

Our Russia Clients Installed the 5t/h ready mixer plaster plant in 2015 year ,until now it runs well and bring profits for our clients . As the capacity is smaller ,so it is fit for the new investment clients. Because it is installed in the workshop ,This kind of plant also called workshop ready mix plaster mortar plant .

Model Host Power(KW) Annual Capacity(1x104T) Host Volume(M3) Floor Space(m2)
QHWZ–05 7.5 0.54-1.8 0.5 20-50
QHWZ-10 11 1.08-3.6 1.0 20-50
QHWZ–20 18.5 2.16-7.2 2 20-50
QHWZ-25 19 2.7-9.0 2.5 20-50

Annual capacity 100000 tons


Our Local clients use 4M3 no gravity mixer machine ,produce the ready mixer plaster mortar and the capacity reach 25t/h and annual capacity is about 100000T .

Model Host Power(KW) Annual Capacity(1x104T) Host Volume (M3) Floor Space (m2)
QHWZ–30 22 3.24-10.8 3 20-100
QHWZ-40 30 4.32-14.4 4 20-100


(3)  Annual capacity 200000 tons

     200KT capacity ready mixer plaster plant

Our Malaysia Clients have built the 8m3 mixer full-auto ready mix plaster plant in 2017 year ,they invest about USD 200000.Now the line runs well and bring big profits for our clients .

Model Host Power(KW) Annual Capacity(1x104T) Host Volume(M3) Floor Space(m2)
QHWZ–60 37 6.48-18 6 20-100
QHWZ-80 45 8.64-28.8 8 20-100


(4)  Annual capacity 300000 tons

Our Algeria clients have built the Tower type ready mixer plaster mortar plant in 2018 , the annual capacity could reach 250000T .Considering the factory area is smaller ,we suggest this kind tower type plant ,after discussed ,our clients accepted it . This kind of plant investment is large ,but less land occupation.

Model Host Power (KW) Annual Capacity(1x104T) Host Volume(M3) Floor Space (m2)
QHWZ-100 55 10.8-36.0 10 20-100
QHWZ-120 75 12.96-43.2 12 20-100
QHWZ-150 90 16.2-54.0 15 20-100

Advantage of Ready mix plaster plant compared with traditional cement mortar :

Item Ready mix plaster mortar Cement mortar
Environmental Green environmental protection without radioactivity High Energy Consumption Radioactivity
Raw material Sand ,Gypsum Powder ,Additive material Cement ,sand ,interface agent and other additive material
Construction temperature More than -5° could use More than 3° could use
Plastering effect No empty drum, no crack, Inevitable hollow cracking
Construction Property Hanging is good and landing ash is low. Landing ash is much more.
Construction period 4-5hours 5-7days
Construction thickness About 0.5-15mm 15-20mm
Viscosity  Firm bonding General bonding
Fireproof property A grade No fireproof
Usage Suitable for AAC block,cast-in-place concrete, polyphenyl board and lime-sand brick, gypsum block, GRC board and interior wall powder Suitable for lime-sand brick base, other base needs interface agent treatment. 
After compared ,the ready mix plaster plant have much more economic benefits and wider applications .So we suggest that our clients to build ready mix plaster plant compared with the ordinary cement mortar plant if the raw material is enough and market well . For more details ,pls don’t hesitate to contact us ,our team will suggest you with best mixing solution .


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