Large Ready Mix Ordinary Dry Mortar Plant

Short Description:

Large ready mix ordinary dry mortar plant is mainly used to produce the ordinary mortar; Most of the large ready mix ordinary dry mortar plant is full-auto type.

Sand type: The mechanism sand type and drying sand type

Capacity: 10Ton -100T/H

Floor area: 50-200m2

Worker required: 3-5person

Fit for the medium and large investor .


FOB Price: USD 10000-400000/SET

Min.Order Quantity: 1SET

Delivery time: 30-60DAYS

Supply Ability: 100 SET per Month

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Large Ready Mixer Dry Mortar Plant

Introduction :

Large Ready Mixer Dry Mortar Plant is usually used to produce the ordinary mortar ,  such as normal masonry mortar,concrete masonry mortar,heat preservation masonry mortar, repair mortar,plaster mortar etc. It is widely used in the construction industry .As the higher capacity requirement ,the mixer equipment machine have strictly mixer power .And accordingly to the sand source distinction, it divides the the mechanism sand type and drying sand type.


The whole production line optimization design, scientific and reasonable layout, process flow is simple, compact structure, energy conservation, environmental protection, stable performance, cost-effective, easy operation, low maintenance cost. A high degree of automation, from the sand and gravel crushing, screening and drying to the original automatic metering, mixing, bagging, bulk, the entire computer control, human-machine interface, convenient operation and intuitive.

The mechanism sand type, the sand is machine-made sand,it is a kind of rock particle with particle size less than 4.75 mm, which is made by mechanical crushing and sieving after soil removal. This kind cost is cheaper than drying sand type . 

The drying sand type is from natural sand ,such as river sand ,sea sand and mountain sand .As the environmental protection and other reason, the cost is higher .

Structural configuration:

It is mainly consists of by drying system ,sand making system , lifting and conveying system, measuring system, mixing system, the loading system, packaging systems, dust removal system, control system, gas tank balance system, steel platform, etc.


The annual output of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 tons of several kinds of specifications, we

can according to customer’s investment scale, site environment and technical

requirements for products tailored solution of high cost performance production

equipment and investment.

Technical Parameters:

Model Host Power (KW) Annual Capacity(1x10000T) Host Volume (M3) Floor Space (m2)
QHWZ-30 22 3.24-10.8 3 20-100
QHWZ-40 30 4.32-14.4 4 20-100
QHWZ-60 37 6.48-18 6 20-100
QHWZ-80 45 8.64-28.8 8 20-100
QHWZ-100 55 10.8-36.0 10 20-100
QHWZ-120 75 12.96-43.2 12 20-100
QHWZ-150 90 16.2-54.0 15 20-100


Drying sand type

Full-auto dry sand cement mortar mixer plantdrying system full-auto dry mortar mixing plant


Mechanism Type

Full-Auto 20th Mechanism Sand Dry mortar batching plant

Machanism sand type

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