Dust Collector on the top of silo

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Dust collector is used on the top of silo ,it is an equipment automatically collect dry dust or dry powder. It is usually installed on the top of silo in order to environmental protection .

It is mainly divided into portable simple dust collector and automatic dust collector .

Air volume:1500-10000m3/h

Simple structure and easy operate, and there are many model to chose according to the project size .The filter bags are need to change when use a period.

FOB Price: US $500-10000/Set

Min.Order Quantity: 1Set

Supply Ability: 1000 Set per Month

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Dust Collector on the top of silo


This dust collector is used on the top of silo ,it is an equipment automatically collect dry dust or dry powder. We suggest that the clients install the dust collector in order to the environmental protection .The dust collector is widely used to filter gases tiny, non-fibrous dry-dust or dried powder recovered in the process as a dust removal equipment.

Features of dust collector:

1. Welding flange and cement silo (or other powder container) welded together as a precipitator support.

2. Water-proof made of resin fibre, anti-aging and high strength.

3. Integrated with pressure sensor, real time monitoring and automatic control. 

Types of Dust collector on the top of silo :

Dust removal is very important. A good silo top dust collector has high working efficiency and long service life. So in order to chose best type dust collector ,kindly consider the situations ,under:

1. Use temperature: For bag filter, the use temperature depends on two factors. The first is the maximum endurance temperature of filter material, and the second is that the gas temperature must be above dew point temperature.  

2. Processing air volume: Processing air volume refers to the volume of gas that can be purified by dust removal equipment in a unit time.  

3. Export Dust Concentration: Export Dust Concentration refers to the discharge concentration of the dust collector.

Dust concentration at the entrance: that is, the dust concentration at the entrance, which is determined by the process of the dust-lifting point. It is another important factor second only to the air handling capacity in the design or selection of bag filter.

So pls kindly don’t hesitate to contact us for helping you to chose the best model dust collector .Now there are two kinds type dust collector ,under:

1)Portable Simple Dust Collector

The Portable simple dust collector is used for small silo ,the dust is smaller .

Model Cement silo dust collector
Filtration area 24m3
Wind capacity 1500m3/h
Filter quantity 14
Efficiency 99.9%
Cleaning way Intermittent vibration cleaning
vibration motor 500w
Diameter 800MM 
Total height   1635mm 
 Material  Carbon steel
 Whole weight  100kg

Photos :

 Protable Dust Collector on the top of silo

Portable Dust Collector on the top of silo

 Dust collector machine on the top of 120T Silo

Dust collector machine on the top of 120T Silo

2)Automatic Dust Collector

This kind dust collector is used for the big silo and has large dust concentration.

TYPE HMC-32 HMC-48 HMC-64 HMC-80 HMC-96 HMC-112
Total filtering area(m2) 24 36 48 60 72 84
Filter wind speed(m/min) 1.0-1.5
Air volumn(m3/h) 1500-2400 2500-3500 3500-5000 4500-6000 5500-7000 6500-8500
Quantity of filter bag(piece) 32 48 64 80 96 112
Gas consumption(m/min) 0.032 0.048 0.064 0.08 0.096 0.11
Entrance dust concentration(g/m3)                                                        200
Exitance dust concentration (mg/m3)                                                         30
Injection pressure (MPa)                                                       0.5-0.7
Under negative pressure (Pa)                                                        5000
    Equipment resistance(Pa)                                                       ≤1200
Quantity of pulse valve(piece)  4 6 8 10 12 14
Motor type  Y90S-2 Y90L-2 Y100L-2 Y132S1-2 Y132S1-2 Y132S2-2
Power (KW)  1.5 2.2 3.0 5.5 5.5 7.5
Weight (kg) HMC(A) 1350 1620 1850 2360 2800 3200
HMC(B) 1220 1470 1670 2150 2540 2880

Photos :

Dust collector on the top of silo Dust Collector

Dust collector on the top of silo

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