Dry Mix Mortar Plant

Short Description:

Dry mix mortar plant is widely used for producing the many kinds of dry mortar .

Type:Simple type ,semi-auto type and full-auto type dry mix mortar plant.

According to the appearance of the dry mortar plant ,it is divided into workshop type/block type /vertical type/tower type.

Workshop type is built into the workshop ; block type is not not convenient for frequency changes in product varieties because its stock of raw material is less ; Vertical type is flexible production of dry mixed mortar products with medium investment; Tower type is less floor area and need large invest .So the investor could chose according to the workshop size and investment .

Capacity :30000T-600000T/YEAR

Floor area:40-500m2

Worker required:3-5person


FOB Price:USD 10000-1000000/SET

Min.Order Quantity: 1SET

Delivery time :30-60DAYS

Supply Ability: 100 SET per Month

Product Detail

Product Tags

 Dry Mix Mortar Plant is used to produce many kinds of dry mortar,under:

Type Description
Bonding Mortar Masonry mortar ,wall and floor tile adhesive mortar,anchorage mortar etc
Decoration Mortar Decorative plaster,inner and outer wall putty ,colorful decoration mortar etc.
Protection Mortar Water-proof mortar ,anti-corrosion mortar,self-leveling mortar,wear resistance mortar ,thermal insulation mortar ,sound insulation mortar ,repair mortar,,mildew-proof mortar,shielding mortar etc.

Raw Material Kinds of Dry Mix Mortar Plant:

Item Description
Binders Cement,hydrated lime ,anhydrite ,gypsum
Filler Silica sand ,quartz sand,limestone,dolomite,expanded perlite etc.
Mineral admixture Ground granulated blast furnace slag,fly ash ,fine silica powder ,Water-retention and thickening material etc
Chemical additives Cellulose esters,super plasticize,accelerating agents ,retarding age deform agents ,hydrophobic agents,and etc


Type of Dry Mix Mortar Plant :

(1)QH-30 Simple Type Dry Mix Mortar Plant,it is stepped horizontal (applicable to low plant), excellent performance, simple operation, cover an area of an area small, less unit labor (2-3), high material mixing uniformity, high production efficiency, is a rational configuration, high cost performance, low maintenance cost, and ideal of powder and granular materials production equipment.

 QH-30 Simple Dry Mix Mortar Plant

QH-30 Simple Type Dry Mix Mortar Plant

Main configuration: big Angle spiral feeding machine, small platform without gravity mixing machine (lanceolatus), product packaging hoist, surge bin, automatic measurement, electrical control cabinet, filter (optional), etc.

Mixer features: biaxial bidirectional mixing hand fork type, make the material movement within the body is boiling, otherwise thin knife drum type fiber dispersion shaft, high speed dispersion fiber, in a relatively short period of time effective mixing of material and fiber.

Technical Parameters:


The total power (kw)

The mixer volume(L) Production(t/h)  Size (LXWXH)(mm)
QH-301 22.5 1500 3-5 4800x3200x3500
QH-302 26.5 2000 5-8 5200x3500x3600
QH-303 29 3000 8-12 5500x3800x3800


(2)  QHWZ Automatic Dry Mix Mortar Plant,it is automatic feeding and batching raw material, from feeding material to packing ,all is controlled by PLC control system ,it is less labor ,only 2-3 workers to operate .It is fit for the higher capacity and medium investment .

 QHWZ-30 Automatic Dry Mix Mortar Plant

QHWZ-30 Automatic Dry Mix Mortar Plant

Main configuration :

Raw material Storage Silos -Sand Drying Unit -Bucket Elevator -Spiral Conveyor

Weighing System -Mixer -End Product hopper-Bagging System – De-dusting System

Computer control system -Air Compressor -Air-phase Balance System

Steel Structure -End Products Storage Silos

Technical Parameter:

Model Host Power (KW) Annual Capacity(1x10000T) Host Volume (M3) Floor Space (m2)
QHWZ–20 18.5 2.16-7.2 2 20-100
QHWZ-25 19 2.7-9.0 2.5 20-100
QHWZ-30 22 3.24-10.8 3 20-100
QHWZ-40 30 4.32-14.4 4 20-100
QHWZ-60 37 6.48-18 6 20-100
QHWZ-80 45 8.64-28.8 8 20-100
QHWZ-100 55 10.8-36.0 10 20-100
QHWZ-120 75 12.96-43.2 12 20-100
QHWZ-150 90 16.2-54.0 15 20-100

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